Light Sculpture

Structural wireframe

CAD views of the structural frame

Presentation Rendering

Rendering illustrates the effect of the sculpture


The sculpture would be located in an intense art, office, retail and apartment development created by an individual who had a vision and accomplished it without any financial assistance from the City.
It is an undulating space frame containing numerous reflective surfaces, some of which will be kinetic-moving in response to the wind;  an environmental form which people can walk through.

Light play on the street will be similar to that of sunlight rippling on water. Night illumination is provided by hanging sculptural luminaires reflecting color on curved stainless steel mirrors.
The mirrors have penetrations to allow sunlight and moonlight to peek through casting articulated shadow and light on the street life below.

The form warps and bends, a welcoming gesture to approaching pedestrians, airy and semi-transparent.

DeWolff Architects Rochester New York: Design Innovation and Exploration