International Museum of Film and Photography


George Eastman House Formal Garden

George Eastman House formal garden

Peristyle Gallery

Peristyle gallery

Central Atrium, Archive

Archive central atrium

Celebrated Entrance recasts the Georgian style of the existing mansion

Celebrated entrance recasts the Georgian style of the existing mansion


The existing Eastman Mansion with its long slender garden provided a challenge, requiring a complex combining a museum, research and archival space of 68,000 square feet.

The resulting design was a contemporary use of existing historical forms found in the Mansion and Carriage House. Roman brick, granite and cast stone reflect the spirit of the mansion.

The Peristyle Gallery serves as a multi-use area (lobby, user space, technology gallery), as well as a major access way between the mansion and the historic Grape Arbor.

The historic gardens of the George Eastman Mansion were removed to facilitate the construction of the 22,000 square foot below-grade photographic facility.  The gardens were then recreated above the new facility.

DeWolff Architects Rochester New York: Designers of Museums and Learning Centers.