2016 Parcel 5 City Centre Concept

Aerial perspective of the  25 story sculptural glass tower.
The ground and Street floor is entry to the 4 story 3000 seat PERFORMING ARTS CENTER . The tower houses Executive Offices, Luxury Condos, Conference Center, Museum, Sky Garden with Observatory, Breakout Rooms/ Boutique Restaurant. The design had to house a 4 story column free Arts Center and so we looked to one of the most famous buildings in the world; the Eiffel Tower in France. The Eiffel Tower can house a city block under it by using huge transfer trusses at its base. We employed the same type of design.
The tower straddles the two streets on each side of the base and Rises up with sloping sides containing extended floors projecting out which then provides a structure with ample visual space around the building which would not be possible with a traditional square or rectangular tower.
The drive under on each side acts as a secure entry to the Midtown complex and its open spaces.
The articulated glass structure is dynamic as it captures sky light and moving clouds being reflected by the tower .