Voplex Corporate Headquarters Building

Voplex Corporate Headquarters



The original owners, Voplex Corporation,  wanted a building of unusual shape and did not want a lot of corridors and hallways. They wanted all of their employees to have a window office.
What satisfied that criteria was a circle with a large atrium in the center. The building had one hallway which was only 10 feet in length.

In 1969 attention to energy savings was just beginning.
The Voplex building was one of the very first in the North east to utilize Insulated glass. DeWolff also created deep overhangs to lower solar gain .

The roof was kept clear of any HVAC equipment. This resulted in a sculptural look.
When lighted at night many thought it was like a space ship ready to take off into the beyond.

An Egyptian Architect who visiRochester New Yorkted Rochester wondered why there were not more modern designs such as the Voplex building in downtown Rochester.

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