Bishop Courtyard, University Hospitals of Cleveland

Space frame supported glass

another view

Concept rendering


This first project for DeWolff was the start of a new fabric that wove separate hospitals into a cohesive campus. The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s architectural critic Steven Litt stated that this was “The greatest public space in Cleveland” and received a Design Excellence Award from The American Institute of Architects (AIA).

This exciting people space provides the nucleus of a corridor system, creating two new lobbies and transforming a half-acre exterior courtyard into a year-round interior atrium.  It provides visitors, patients and staff with additional dining, relaxation and waiting areas featuring natural light, exotic tropical gardens, and a street of shops and offers a casual assembly area for special events and meetings.

The glass and steel atrium is articulated in 50 feet and 30 feet pyramids to gain maximum glass surface planes in order to refract more light.  Surrounding the courtyard, four hospital buildings support the glass roof structure creating an exciting and useful space from what was previously a rooftop.

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