King Hussein Institute for Biotechnology and Cancer

KHIBC Final Design

Project model


Agora or meeting place


King Abdulla II of Jordan sought to retain a U.S. design firm with the experience and ability to design a first-of-its-kind cancer treatment and research facility which would work directly with the King and the Secondary Foundation of Jordan. Dr. James Block retired CEO of Johns Hopkins Cancer Center recommended DeWolff Partnership Architects who had previously designed the the Comprehensive Cancer Center for Johns Hopkins in collaboration with Odell and had extensive hospital design experience with University Hospitals of Cleveland, as well as several major hospitals in the upstate New York region including Rochester, Buffalo and Geneva.

This unique City of Healing would  consist of a 300-bed Cancer and Bio-Research center in honor of the King’s father King Hussein. It would also incorporate a Specialized Hospital, Out-Patient Facility, Nurse’s Residence Center, Senior Living Facility, Hotel, Auditorium and Convention Center.

Placement of the state-of-the art cancer research facility two Sub Levels below the hospital.
would allow co-existence of the laboratory complex with the rest of KHIBC by separating access and service conduits. The upper five levels including the ground or Main floor would include the Inpatient Wings, Clinical, Diagnostic and Surgical areas, Kitchen and Dining, Administration and Hotel, arrayed around the central Agora. Sub Level One included  Education classrooms and an Auditorium. Radiation Oncology, Educational, Mechanical and Parking areas would share Sub Levels One and Two. A Third Sub Level for Outpatient parking was added  to the East side of the complex. The Outpatient Clinic would offer Treatment and Diagnostic Services.

The horizontal array of buildings would center on an oval Agora or meeting place. This would provide a transitional area for patients and their families and a commons for residents and staff. Mixing hospital-related with every-day activity in the Agora would help alleviate patient anxiety.

The location of the hospital near the Holy Lands surrounding the Dead Sea was key in selection  of the unusual building site.

Located near Na’ur Jordan, approximately 12 miles West of Amman.


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