Lerner Tower, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio

Lerner Tower was awarded the Vista Award by the American Hospital Association Received the Vista Award of the American Hospital Association Image Map

Lerner Tower Main Staircase

Lerner Tower Central Atrium


DeWolff Partnership Architects is recognized nationally for design expertise in Ambulatory Healthcare and Outpatient Services. Carlton DeWolff served as consultant to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to assist in monitoring $63 million in grants allocated to existing hospitals across the country for construction of on campus ambulatory care facilities.

The Alfred and Norma Lerner Tower is a 500 bed tower, which includes Ambulatory Care ORs, clinics (Gastrointestinal, Pulmonary, Cardiology) and a General Practice Primary Care unit, all part of a $90 million hospital.

The facility is designed to serve outpatients in a comfortable doctor’s office environment and at the same time serve inpatients without crossing outpatient traffic.

This project was done in association with Payette Associates, Inc. and was recognized by the American Hospital Association with its Vista Award.

DeWolff Architects Rochester New York: Designers for Healthcare including Comprehensive Hospital Design, Cancer Centers, Emergency, ICU, SICU, Pediatric Surgical, Obstetric, and Inpatient and Outpatient Surgical Facilities.