Metro Pediatric, Metro Health Cleveland, Ohio

Model-corridor and nurses station

Model-pediatric beds

Model-patient room


DeWolff Partnership Architects was commissioned to renovate an existing 10-bed PICU for MetroHealth Medical Center.  The existing unit had experienced “band-aid” renovations throughout the years and needed a state of the art PICU.

The new design provides 7 private rooms, which incorporate a “workspace zone concept” consisting of a Patient zone, a Family Zone, and a Caregiver Zone.   Patient beds are oriented parallel to the entry door allowing patient viewing of the outdoor environment and caregiver view of the patient.  Family areas, complete with sleeper sofa’s and work areas, were provided within the each private patient room, to allow parent presence to help in the healing process .  Existing corridors were widened to allow charting alcoves to be located directly outside the patient rooms giving caregivers direct viewing into multiple rooms.  In addition to the private rooms a  patient “Condo” area, was incorporated into the design providing a softer non-clinical appearance for less critical patients as well as serving as a step-down-unit within the PICU

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