Via Health Endocrinology



The Endocrinology-Diabetes Care & Resource Center provides a comprehensive service for all patients and is comprised of the three departments:

Endocrinology/Diabetes (Medical Practice): This department consists of (10) exam rooms, offices, a research library, a central nurse station and support spaces.

The Education/Optifast program features a large classroom with a movable partition that can divide the room into two as well as a learning center equipped with computers to provide clients with a place to interact and research health issues.

The research department is active in performing clinical trials as well as analyzing data gathered from the medical practice. Due to the nature of the practice, patients tend to spend a considerable amount of time at this center, particularly with the classes associated with the Education and Optifast Nutrition program. At DeWolff we believe that it is important to thoughtfully create spaces that are as appealing as possible to the patients to help ensure a positive nurturing experience.

During the programming / schematic design process DeWolff Architects met with the department heads and office staff to develop the optimal floor plan for the suite. Each department had unique requirements and the overall plan had to be organized to accommodate circulation and progression throughout the Center.

The Endocrinology-Diabetes Care & Resource Center was constructed in an existing building, the existing space was completely renovated for this purpose. There were many advantages and challenges inherent this renovation. One of the big advantages that the space offered was that there were existing skylights. The design team and the users worked together to take full advantage of the drama created by these sources of natural light.

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